At Paintball U.S.A. we provide professional & friendly staff and top of the line rentals. We also have for your convenience camouflage clothing rentals. We only carry the best in safety equipment such as the JT Crossfire Battle mask. Safety advisory training is included.

We have four various outdoor playing fields including an arena field, a canyon field, sand dunes field and a wooded type forest field at our Agua Dulce paintball park located at 34855 Petersen Road. There are shaded picnic facilities with barbeques for those that would like to relax and watch the excitement. Guests are welcome to bring their own food and beverages or place a pizza order with the cashier for pizza delivered by the Vincenzo’s restaurant. We also have a catering truck on premises.

Visit our main web site at paintballusa.org for more information!



  1. Paintball USA is the best paintball location in So.Cal for any type of party you can imagine. There are 10 outdoor playing fields on a double level and much more. We had the most awesome time there recently. Definetly a 5 star park!

  2. Visited the Santa Clarita range on Sunday, November 29, with my son and three of his friends. They had a blast! The head ref, Art, was very helpful. He had the safety rules and the range rules abundantly clear. He was firm and funny, a great combination!

  3. Hi i am Zachary Amrani and i left my spyder imagine there on saturday April 10 2010 and i will coming back tomorrow morning so please put my gun on the side my gun in in a clear box and my barrel is black and my gun is green so please call me back or send me a email with the mangers number so i could call him and get him to put my gun on the side because i really would be happy and i come to paintball USA a lot and i love it there so please give me his number i no him really good he gives me good deals and i was just there yesterday
    Thank You:Zachary Amrani

    • Hi Zachary. The owner called your mom this morning and your gun was found right where you left it. I guess you will be out to pick it up today. We hope you enjoyed playing at Paintball USA!

  4. do you only accept credit cards for rentals or do you accept cash too?

    • Yes, we accept cash as well as credit cards.

  5. One thing that can’t be over-stated is the value these guys provide with their responsible business practices. I have been paintballing for almost 10 years and PB USA’s attention to the small things really stands out. For instance I took my girlfriend paintballing for the first time in January, she loved it by the way, and one of the small things that really stood out was the field giving chest protectors to girls for free. Awesome business practice here. Instead of nickel-and-diming the customers they give us value. Thank you.

  6. do you guys have a turfed air ball field…. if you do do any teams practice in a regular basis?

    • Yes, we have a turfed air ball field. Regular priced admission for the self equipped player is $30 which includes unlimited air fills. All players are allowed to use this field.

  7. Hi,
    You guys have a great reputation and I hope someone can help.
    My 11 y/o grandson who lives in another state (Texas) is really getting into paint ball and I want to help him with buying his equipment for Christmas.
    I’ve been online and think I understand the products but am just not sure of the practical aspects after reading many reviews and recommendations.
    My experience at 2 sporting goods stores was not much help.
    Anyway if someone is able to help, I’ll try not to take up too much of your time by asking pretty specific questions.
    Thank you!,

    • Hi Ricardo.
      Thank you for the post. I would suggest contacting Tippmann Sports in Ft. Wayne Indiana. That’s who we buy our paintball guns from.
      Happy Holidays!
      Mike S.

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